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Ampoule Pre-Planning

It is important for us to clearly understand your objectives. We will analyze the plans, drawings, and site locations, and consult with you throughout your project. We will meet with you and ask the right questions to make sure we fully understand your business issues.

We take the time to fully comprehend your project so that we can provide you with the best possible advice.

Our team can help you prepare a construction plan and schedule, a detailed cost analysis and anything else you might need in regard to your project. We will also confirm your project’s feasibility and adjust the budget accordingly. Our team will help you through every stage of planning from schedules, to procurement and budget management, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective project execution..

In our quest for success, Domra works together with its various partners in order to maximize efficiency and drive your project forward to successful completion. We also have the capacity to negotiate lease agreements or other administrative aspects of your project.

We are a dynamic, reliable partner and we are there to support you throughout the overall process, by:

    •Providing consultation prior to construction
    •Clarifying and understanding your objectives
    •Analyzing and strategizing to realize your plans efficiently
    •Assessing costs and detailing a project strategy
    •Gauging the feasibility of your project and offering expert advice
    •Recruiting the best partners to meet your needs, and the overall scope and objectives of your project


At Domra, we believe in positive leadership. We pay attention to details, and meticulously plan your project by working in synergy with the various project stakeholders. Our capacity to rally the right players and our sense of organization is clearly seen in our choice of team members, designers and partners. We provide positive leadership.

  • Turnkey : we assume our role as unique provider and handle your project from beginning to end
  • Fixed-Price Contract : one price, one successful realization as per your request!
  • Overall Management : complete management and organization ensured by our team
  • Custom-Built : the Domra team promotes collaboration, adapts to all situations and meets the most extensive requirements. We realize your project according to your needs
  • Construction Management : we adjust costs, and balance project requirements and design by working in close collaboration with you and the professionals selected for your mandate
  • Fast track Construction : Simultaneous design and execution, at each phase.
  • Joint Projects/Partnerships : We work together to realize your project. Let’s team up!

Our will to build a relation of trust with our clients and our passion for a job well done is reflected in each of our contracts, whether it is commercial, industrial or institutional.

Roue avec flèches


Domra doesn’t just disappear once the job is done. We take your project to heart. We are always ready to provide counsel; we can even handle the maintenance of your building or commercial space. One of our core beliefs is that “no challenge is insurmountable”. Tell our team what you want, or need, and we will work together to develop quick and realistic solutions to make your life easier.

  • Maintenance and Related Services


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)is an assessment system recognized in over 132 countries as the international standard of excellence for sustainable buildings.

Our project managers, as well as members of upper management, have attended many LEED Strategies for Sustainable Building professional training sessions. In compliance with the LEED Canada assessment systems, they have trained for different types of projects:

  • New constructions and major renovations;
  • Core and envelope;
  • Commercial interior design;
  • Existing building;
  • Neighbourhood design
  • LEED Projects for healthcare, retail and schools;
  • Leed Volume Program